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Editing returned claim lines

To watch a video about this, click here.

When a claim line has been denied by a manager it is returned to the claimant. If the values or date needs changing use:

The Pencil icon to open up and edit the claim line.

The Bin icon will delete the claim line.

The Paperclip will open up the claim detail to show the attached receipts.

Returned claim lines

The screen below shows the editable fields when the pencil has been clicked.

You can click on the Purchase of £ line indicated in the below screenshot to open up the value and account details. These can be edited, use the Save button to move to the coding screen.

The date is also available within the final details screen for quick editing.

Click on the VAT details link to change the VAT rate applied to the claim line. This is a quicker edit than using the full account screen, but is only useful for a VAT rate only change.

Extra additional people can be added / edited. Additional receipts can also be added.

Edit a claim line at draft

This section also shows any notes on the claim line including the reasons for the line denial. If needed you can add extra notes to the claim line and re-process to the manager if that is all that is required.
Coding update

Changes to the coding and text fields can also be made in the usual way, use the Save button to store any changes.

Finally, if it is just a coding change required, use the pencil icon on the claim line scroll down to the bottom of the page make the change and save the update.

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